Online support is available 24/7.

You can look for answers to common questions by looking through the animated tutorials online.

You can view these now for a great look at what is in store for you with a TechMinds 4 Hire account by clicking here.

If these tutorials don't answer your question, or if further difficulty is experienced, you simply submit a trouble ticket by emailling support.

Phone support is limited to 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST) in the U.S. Unanswered calls are returned by the end of the next business day.


What are the name servers?

What is the SMTP server?
What is the IMAP / POP3 server?
What is the FTP server?
Do you have a SLA?
We offer a 99% uptime Service Level Agreement on our hosting plans.
How do I add email addresses, check my stats, or control my account?
How long does it take to have my domain registered?
Between 4 and 36 hours; it is dependent on the top-level name servers.
How long does to have my account activated?
For shared hosting, within a few hours; for dedicated servers, up to a day. This is assuming that payment has been approved.
Do you take checks, PayPal, or wire transfers?
Why isn't SSH letting me login?
Please contact support to have them enable SSH access.
Why aren't JSP's working?
Please contact support to have them enable Jasper and Tomcat.
Do you allow media streaming?
Yes, as long as it follows are Terms of Service. You must contact sales if you wish to run a streaming server.
Do you allow root access for dedicated servers?
Yes, but security and patches become your responsibility.
Can I run background processes?
Only on a dedicated server or a VPS.
Why aren't my FrontPage extensions working?
Turn them on via http://YOURDOMAIN/cpanel or http://YOURIP/cpanel
Do you offer SSL support for my domain?
Please contact sales. They cost $100 for 128-bit encryption.
How do I access the billing software?
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