Management Services

TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc offers many management options. Below you will find the three best options that will fit your individual needs. Each of these is ordered separately by contacting or by calling 1-866-214-1285 and speaking with a representative. If a representative is not available, leave a voicemail and a representative will contact you within two business days.

Update and Security Management

This package is $75 per month of service with TechMinds 4 Hire with any dedicated server package or colo (excluding special hardware). Updates of the CentOS (other Linux flavors do not apply) Updates of cpanel and associated software such as the mail or http server. Security patches to iptables firewall covering applications supported specifically by cpanel. These updates will occur as needed. Also included is any situation where your machine needs to be rebooted or physically shut down and later restarted. This includes known maintenance power outages and network outages. You DO NOT get root access to your server if you activate this management package.

One Time Management

This package is $100 one time fee with your setup of your server. You ask for it after submission and approval of your colo or lease program. This option allows you to have your box "hardened" against most security threats upon setup. This also includes the installation of cpanel and associated updates upon first launch. You get the power of a secure system from the day you start with TechMinds 4 Hire. In the future, you must be responsible for any further patches or updates required by cpanel or the operating system. This package only applies to CentOS Linux, and will not be provided for Windows Server or any other form of Linux/UNIX.

Customized Management

At only $75 per hour, TechMinds 4 Hire will configure your server and associated applications as you desire. This is handy if you do not have the technical skills needed to maintain customized applications such as special database programs or streaming media service. We first work with you to devise a plan of implementation and time tables. We also discuss who will be involved with the process. This also allows you to leverage other resources you have available to you. In this package, you retain root access to your server. Availability of service depends on the expertise required, as several different individuals may be called upon to do the work. Estimates on time needed are based on normal installation or process involvement. If your server is configured in a non-traditional method, estimates will simply not be made available due to the extra time involved in the discovery process.

Server Babysitting Service

TechMinds 4 Hire can keep your server secure, install many custom applications, and custom configure many standard applications for you. This traditionally does take up large amounts of time, and we know that sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you need. This is the option for you if you know nothing more than "I need a server." At a price of only $250 per month, we will make sure your server is up and running, secure, and providing the applications you desire to have served on the machine. This only applies to CentOS Linux, and not to any other form of server operating system. If you desire Windows Server or other forms of Linux/UNIX, you would want to use the Custom Management package at $75 per hour.

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