Custom Webhosting Solutions


Custom Configurations

TM4H does not believe in forcing our clients into a cookie-cutter solution; instead, we consult with you to determine your needs so that we can recommend the best hardware and software configuration for your budget. If our site does not list what you are looking for, give us a call at 866-214-1285, and we will help you determine what options are available and make the most sense for your organization.



Firewalls are designed to increase server security by preventing unauthorized access. Firewalls can be implemented as a hardware solution and as a software solution depending on the requirements. Inbound and outbound traffic flows through the firewall where it is inspected. Based on the rules of the firewall, the traffic will be permitted to flow or it will be blocked.

Firewall between the server and the Internet

Storage Solutions

As your business grows you need the confidence of a high capacity, highly available and scalable storage environment for your critical data. TM4H offers a complete range of Dell PowerVault MD and EMC storage solutions that can be customized to fit your data storage requirements exactly.

We offer:

  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Clustering Storage
  • Fiber Channel Database Clustering
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)


Load Balance Solutions

A load balancer can be used to increase the capacity of a server beyond that of a single server and offers fail-over protection should a server crash. A load balancer consists of a virtual dip “VIP” which, consists of an IP address, or load balancing can be achieved via round-robin DNS. When using round-robin DNS, each DNS request will offer a different IP; by doing this, cost effective load balancing can be achieved. When using a hardware based load balance, the client’s request is sent to the VIP which in turn selects a physical server in the pool of servers to use. TM4H deploys both DNS based and physical load balancing solutions. How Important Is Your Web Site? When your business’ site is mission-critical or is your revenue source, slow response times or hardware failures are not an option. If your web site resides on a single server, a single hardware failure to bring your business to a halt. Load balancing eliminates problems by using multiple servers to house your data which eliminates a single point of failure. The Load Balancing Advantage Load balancing spreads the work of your dedicated server among two or more servers, optimizing resources, output and response times. If one server fails in the pool, requests are routed to other server(s) eliminating downtime.

3 Servers and a load balancer guiding traffic
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