Development Portfolio

These are the projects which we have completed to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Grupo Comenta

Grupo Comenta Grupo Cometa is a dominican company with over thirty (30) years of expirience in the retail and distribution of enery accumulators (batteries), having exclusive contracts with brands such as LTH, Varta, MAC, Tudor and Diener.


Excel Group

Excel Group Excel Group is a firm dedicated to investment activities in the Dominican Republic. We have a complete understanding of the local market, along with the invaluable expirience that we have with all of our invaluable clients.


Fuentes & Asociados

Fuentes & Asociados Fuentes & Asociados is an company dedicated to Insurance Advising and Benefits Management, founded in 1980 with the neccesity of a specialized firm in the insurance market.


Islander Vacation Residences

Islander Vacation Residences Islander Vacation Residences is an apartment, suite and villa complex situated in the Cozumel region, Mexico. Site is accesible, but is still under construction.



JustMC JustMC is one of our personal sites. The purpose of JustMC is to serve as a community hotspot for a myriad of RSS feeds from all over the WWW. In the future it will allow RSS feed customization for our community members.



MCAnime MCAnime, also one of our personal sites, is dedicated to the world of japanese animation (or anime) and manga. It is a spanish speaking community in which users comment and share information about manga and anime.



MCTekK MCTekK, another of our personal sites, is dedicated to the world of technology. Here you'll find a variety of articles and tutorials for different programming languages and Web technologies.


Saynt Consulting

Saynt Consulting Saynt Consulting is a company specialized in buisness advising, project managing, information systems advising and outsourcing services. With over fifteen (15) years of expirience, our vision is to be the leading company in advising services.


Sociedad Dominicana de Dermatología

Sociedad Dominicana de Dermatología Sociedad Dominicana de Dermatología is a dominican medicine institute specialized in the area of dermatology. It is a center for all active doctors in the area and servers a meeting point for exchanging information and exposing challenging dermatology cases.


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